Amish Chicken Coops are the sturdiest coops in use today, due to the Amish style of construction. With the right plan, this type of construction is very straightforward. Let’s find out about 4 easy steps to make sure the job gets done right!

1. Decide the size of your coop and how many will you build

The size of the coops depends primarily on the number of chickens you plan to raise. If you are interested in portability, a smaller size coop would be better. If you start small and increase your flock, you can expand by building duplicates of your small coop.

2. Select heavy duty building materials

One of the reasons the Amish style is well liked is because the quality of construction is built to last. The key factor in that quality is the selection of the most durable building materials. Lumber used for this task is treated to be rot resistant, and is strong enough to bear structural loads as well as severe weather loads. Hinges, handles and other metal hardware should similarly be selected for ability to resist rust and corrosion.

3. Meet the needs of the chickens

Chickens thrive in a dry environment that is warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The best way to meet these needs is to use proper insulation in the coop, as well as provide adequate ventilation.

Chickens like having easy access to their nesting boxes, as well as a nearby perch. Provide ramps to allow the chickens to reach these locations.

4. Make it easy for you to care for the chickens

As the caregiver, you will need to provide food and water for the chickens. Try to arrange the layout and location of the coop to make your job easier. You may want to run some electricity to the coop to provide lighting and heat. Lastly, position access doors to allow for easy retrieval of eggs from the nesting boxes.

There you have it, four easy steps to help you build super Amish Chicken Coops !

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