Chicken coops are usually small houses that are designed for hens to shelter in as well as to lay their eggs. In the following paragraphs, we will focus on a number of types of chicken coops and runs. You might keep nest boxes within these chicken coops for the chickens to lay eggs inside a comfortable setting.


You can easily build these chicken coops and runs by yourself since you may build one according to your own specification. The majority of the chicken coops come with an attached run for chickens to enjoy the outside, exercise and forage inside a secure place.


Generally the ground for chicken coops and runs consists of wood or soil to create a natural environment for them to scratch, and forage naturally in.


A chicken house comprised of wood is lot simpler to clean which and is warm particularly in winter months. Chicken coops kept in backyard are often small in dimension plus they include attachable wire runs to allow chickens to roam around easily.


In some instances, these types of chicken coops have attachable wheels for easy transportation from one spot to another. This makes it really easy for chicken owners to move chickens from one spot to another if required.


Cleaning Chicken Coops


Cleaning chicken coops is straight forward as many come with a pull out plastic tray for this purpose. Cleaning your chicken coops and runs is important. The cleanliness is essential not just to prevent odour, bacteria and mites but it’s also beneficial for the chickens overall health too. Keeping them in clean surroundings, will help them remain healthy and enjoy a lengthy existence.



A chicken coop also require proper airing/ventilation to help keep the smells away and provide a free flow air through the chicken coop. Ventilation in the winter months ought to be put in place to provide your chickens with good quality living. If you’re concerned about the wintertime season, you are able to obtain a chicken house heater for your chickens to be able to keep them warm.


If you’re planning to purchase or develop a chicken house, you have to keep couple of things in mind. Count the amount of chickens you need to keep in one chicken coop and make certain the area within the chicken coop is sufficient for chickens to sit down and walk around in freely. There must be a separate area for chickens to lay their eggs. The nests should be put into a dark, isolated place and they must be heated up with wood and straws to help keep it soft.


Top requirements of Chicken Coops and Runs


Chicken coops and runs are often obtainable in mixture of wood and wire mesh. The coop consists of wood while run is enclosed using the wire meshing. Usually chicken runs are separated from coops and also the runs may be portable to allow chickens benefit from the open air.


There are actually a lot more points to consider when building chicken coops and runs but the most crucial things are space, ventilation, temperature and safety.

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