The best chicken coops building plans are so important because if you like and want fresh eggs daily. The simplest way to have them available each day – is by raising chickens in the backyard. In order to do that you will need a good chicken coop–designed to house your chickens with all they will need in order to contentedly produce those amazing eggs.

Anyone can slap together a few pieces of wood, plastic or sheet metal and call it a chicken coop, but is it a good one? Probably not and using a poor quality structure to house your chickens would be taking a big risk with your investment—the chickens.

Chickens like all domesticated animals have to be looked after and looked after properly. It may sound trite but “take care of your chickens and they will take care of you”. And that requires a chicken coop of good quality to house your birds in a comfortable pleasant and safe environment.

This may sound like a difficult chore—especially if you aren’t familiar with what is required to build a sound hen house. But it is actually fairly simple, if you have the right set of instructions.

See, good chicken house building plans cover a lot more than just how to measure and cut wood. They will cover the design that will best suit you, your yard and the number of chickens you plan on having.

This gives you the knowledge of where best to place the coop in the backyard. That might appear as an insignificant issue at first blush, but using the terrain to your best advantage, for drainage, natural heat, light and predator protection gives you a number of pluses.

With the best yard placement is also info about the type and proper location of the windows you plan to use in the coop.

The way they are to be situated will have an impact on the roosting and nesting habits of your hens.

Among other things you can expect from chicken coops buildings plans is good information about the importance of preventing drafts but still being able to provide proper ventilation for the birds. Excuse the ‘Pun’ but chickens are tough birds and have no problem handling freezing temperatures, if they are protected from chilly winter winds. Those are deadly.

Who would have believed all that you need to know, just to protect the flock from predators. You have to be up on both ground based and aerial attackers. There are some definite techniques you can use along with some good fencing to solve the problem.

In conclusion what will make all the difference? A a good set of chicken coops building plans.

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