A portable chicken coop has many advantages over fixed structure coops; it just depends on your needs. Since to keep chicken healthy they need a constant supply of bugs and other pests that are naturally in the ground around most plots of lands. A portable chicken coop can not only help to provide this by being able to move the hen house around but also help fertilize different areas of your land at the same time.

The biggest worry most chicken farmer have is at night when the largest number of predators are on the prowl. This is the feeding time for owls, coyotes and raccoons. But not all predators feed at night. Hawks fly over the landscape during the day looking for their prey. Chickens that are free range are a good meal. A portable chicken coop can provide protection from these flying predators by giving your chickens a protective shield over their heads while they are feeding. Since in most rural areas field mice and rats are also abundant, a protective shield of chicken wire over the feeding area of your chickens will not only save their lives but save your investment.

Another advantage of a portable chicken coop is in case of a bad or sever storm. The mid west has many of these during the spring and summer months. A portable chicken coop can be moved into a barn or shed so high winds will not blow your flock away. This is also a good way to help protect your chickens during the colder months of the winter. Chicken have always lived out doors but even then they are a warm blooded animal and a sever drop in temperature could kill off your investment. A storage shed with multiple light bulbs can be sufficient in most cases to keep your hens warm.

A portable chicken coop is a smart way to keep the chickens safe and warm while helping their diet as well.

The most critical thing about protecting chickens is guaranteeing that you have an excellent chicken coop plan. For info that you need to have before you start raising chickens, visit us at http://www.buildmychickencoop.com where you learn about building a chicken coop and lots of other critical information.