Building an inexpensive chicken house is pretty simple and fun. You do not require any special DIY skills and it can be done in just one afternoon. It only requires some prior planning time the construction time is fairly quick and simple.

Of course you can always buy a pre built chicken coop. Most of them are pretty solid and they do their job very well, however they are very expensive. The prices can reach up to $ 1500! But if you do it yourself them you can save up to 80% of those prices!

Before you jump into DIY chicken coop, there are few things to keep in mind:

1) Use pressure treated lumber to build with. This will ensure the chickens do not tear up your structure and will also keep other wood pests from infesting the coop.

2) Make sure you plan a wide enough walkway so you can enter and leave the house without trouble. This will make cleaning and maintenance much easier.

3) Target a hen to rooster ratio of about 10 to 1. Too many roosters, and you will have trouble fighting over the females. That stress can reduce egg production.

4) Big Money Saving Tip: Use a set of chicken coop plans to build your structure that has a complete materials list and step by step instructions.

Most people do not realize that they can easily construct an inexpensive chicken house within 1 afternoon with very little effort. This will not only save them hundreds of dollars but will also give you piece of mind to you can your chickens.

here is no better time to get started than right now. You can get a great set of backyard chicken coop plans that will show you step by step how to get this done quickly by visiting here: