Having chickens at home can be as fun as having other pets like dogs and cats. This may sound unusual but there is actually an increasing number of people choosing chickens as pets. Others also raise chickens to have a daily supply of fresh eggs for their household consumption or for selling to others.

But if you want to have chickens at home, you need to have a portable chicken coop. It is important to construct a portable or movable coop to have a place to house your chickens in. To construct one, you would need a plan or a blueprint. If you do not know how to make this, you can check out the internet or you can read books and look for a free portable chicken coop plan.

Why do you need a portable chicken coop plan? Why can you not just build a chicken coop any way you want to? It is important to have a plan or a blueprint because there are special requirements in building a portable chicken coop. Here are these special requirements.

* The coop should be easy to move by hands. It should be made of lightweight materials.
* It should not injure the chickens during transfers.
* It should be strong enough to withstand high winds.
* It should be constructed in a way that chickens will be protected against predator attacks.
* It should provide easy access for the owner to clean.
* It should be sturdy enough so it will not be easily damaged during transfers.

Most free portable chicken coop plans that you can find on the internet have considered these special requirements when they were made. All you need to do is to choose the one that will fit your own requirements like the size of the space you have in your backyard and of course your budget.

If you want to download step by step chicken coop plans, you should take a look at my blog – where I’ll show you the best resource available for downloading fully illustrated, step by step plans for building a chicken coop. It really is easier than you think when you have the right plans!

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