Not all hen owners need large houses for their chickens. If you only have a small number of chickens a smaller-sized hen house will suffice. If you’re a chicken owner, you can purchase a coop, but, if budget is a concern, or if you want to take on a project that’s not that difficult and can give you a sense of fulfilment, try do it yourself construction of small chicken coop. Plans for chicken houses can be found on the internet, but for a one stop resource that includes instructions and plans it is best to buy a good coop building guide. Do not forget to have a look at pictures of chicken coops to decide upon which coop best suits your needs.

Although you are going to be building a small chicken coop, you still need to work out the precise dimensions before you commence construction work. To determine its size you need to know the number of chickens you will have inside the coop once it is built. As a general rule, normal chickens need around 4 square feet of breathing space, while bantam chickens require around half that amount of room. You also have to allow more room for other things which will be in the small chicken coop including perches and also feeding equipment.

You can find many coop blueprints on the internet if you search diligently. Now that you have realized that what you absolutely need is a small home for your fowls, and now that you have learned about how to determine the actual size of the pen or coop, the next thing you’ll have to think about is the actual style of the hen house. The two most popular of all the building plans happen to be the ark coop and the A frame chicken coops.

The characteristics of an ark desgn are that is is a multi-level building which is well ordered for your flock of chickens. Construction of a small chicken coop, in this case, the hen ark, involves having a portion meant absolutely for eating and for grazing, while another level is constructed especially for laying eggs and nesting.

Conversely, the A frame chicken coop construction is a triangular build which consists on just one level where both the eating and laying of eggs takes place. A-frame blueprints usually require that you wrapped the actual coop’s frame in chicken wire to serve as protection against wild animals which may be after your precious birds.

Both a-frame and chicken ark building plans can be built fixed or portable. If you want your coop to last as long as possible, choose the fixed type. The portable type isn’t as long lasting but it does offer more flexibility. It is best that you use hard wearing materials such stronger types of wood to ensure that the coop can provide protection aside from shelter to your hens. Read through more tips about diy chicken coops and gain a full insight of what is required to make your very own do it yourself coop.

The building of small chicken coop is a highly recommended activity for hen owners who do not have a very big budget for investing in pre-built coops for their chickens. By putting together the coop yourself, you’ll also be able to include all the features you need for a chicken coop that will ensure the wellbeing and happiness of your chickens.

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