When you are planning to build a coop for having chickens you will save lot of time and effort if you follow chicken house plans. Many people make the mistake of rushing into construction phase without a proper plan. This often leads to cost and time overrun.

Good chicken house plans not only help you with construction but they also provide details of the material required and a list of vendors who may offer the material at a reasonable price. Some guides include video instructions which make the process of building a chicken coop extremely simple.

Here are some of the key reasons why you should have chicken house plans:

1) Location: Selecting a proper location in your backyard / farm is extremely important. Many people overlook this factor and build a chicken coop as per their understanding. This can adversely impact the health of the birds and the quality of eggs they deliver.

For proper functioning of the coop and getting nutritious eggs every day it is important to pay attention to the location aspect and follow the norms that deliver best results.

2) Lighting: Chicken house plans will provide you options for positioning the windows that provide light to the coop. Windows not only provide light to the house they also provide ventilation.

The positioning of windows and the size of windows will determine the amount of sunlight that comes into the coop and the air ventilation. Without sufficient sunlight you may require electrical bulbs inside the coop which can easily escalate your electricity bills.

3) Sizing: It is important to build a chicken coop that can accommodate all the birds that you have. Chicken house plans will provide detailed sizing information for various components like nesting boxes, roosting and other support structures.

Based on the number of birds you have you may be given a formula to follow based on the overall design.

Following this formula will allow you to build a chicken coop that makes the birds comfortable.

Do you know that a good chicken coop plan can cut your time and effort by half and also save you a lot of money on building material? To learn how to build a chicken coop that delivers maximum benefits without investing a huge amount of money and effort click – Chicken house plans

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