Most chickens are raised in the backyard of a home but a lot of people just pay a ton of money to buy a coop and do not realize how easy it is to save hundreds of dollars and construct one of their own. It does not require rocket science or having knowledge of that of a skilled craftsman to build your own chicken coop, all you need to know is the basic design and principle of how they are constructed and the materials and equipment used.

A lot of people think they can just slap some wood together and hammer nails into them and call it a chicken coop but if you really want your chickens to be efficient then giving them a proper home is the best way to go.

A chicken coop can vary in size depending on the amount of chickens that you have or are willing to raise. If you have 20 chickens that you are raising at a time then it would be obvious that you will need a bigger environment for them then having 5 chickens. Each chicken will need their own spot for nests and will need decent room to roam around.

It is quite obvious that you will need a hammer and nails for your chicken coop. You will also need the right amount of wood depending on the size the chicken coop should be. You can also add extra things to your chicken house such as shingles, ventilation and lighting, electrical heat for the winter time, windows for decoration and other random things that you would like to have.

An important factor of building a coop is to make sure that it will survive nasty weather conditions such as thunderstorms, hurricanes and high winds. You will also want to make sure that you chicken coop is put on high ground so that when it rains it will not dry rot.

Click here to get a detailed chicken coop plan that lays out the materials and equipment used along with a step by step instruction based plan with pictures on how you can build your very own chicken coop. This plan will also explain the cheapest and most efficient route in constructing your chicken coop.

Our New coop built by my husband for our 6 chickens. I designed it using some of the best ideas from around the internet, primarily the good folks at backyar…
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