For those who are contemplating raising chickens at home, one of the first things that they think about is how much will this project cost. It can seem like it will involve a huge amount of upfront money to purchase the chickens and the supplies that they need to live and grow.

Some of the basic supplies that one will need are items such as the chickens, bedding materials, a feeder, water and feed.

These items are not that expensive and one can probably purchase these items for less than $ 100.00 total. The high price supply item is the chicken coop. These can be quite expensive unless of course, one decides to build their own using one of the many chicken coop plans that are available.

Pre-made chicken coops can run between $ 100.00 and $ 300.00 without the additional amount for the outdoor run. This can be a rather steep amount of money for one to put out especially at the start of the hobby. A good alternative, which is also a fun project, is to make the chicken coop and run on your own.

To build a basic chicken coop with run, the supplies can be purchased for less than $ 75.00. This is a substantial savings and by using a set of chicken coop plans, one can alter the plans to accommodate their personal need.

There are a wide variety of chicken coop plans that one can purchase at hobby shops or through online sources. It is important that when one obtains a set of plans that they understand the plans and are able to obtain all the materials needed.

Usually chicken coops are inexpensive due to the low cost of the materials that are needed. Because of the low cost, it is easy to make sure that the size of the coop and the run are more than adequate for the amount of chickens one plans to keep within it.

Raising chickens can be a fun project for the whole family.

It can be a wonderful experience not only for the children, but also the adults. If one is careful and willing to use chicken coop plans to build their own coop and run, then the price can be quite reasonable to get the project started. When it comes to spending money to start raising chickens, one can also think of it as an investment.

When one raises chickens, the chickens do pay their way. The do this primarily through their production of eggs that are much better than those one would buy at the market.

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