There are many different chicken coop design, types, and patterns that could interest you and in the end be the exact thing that you are looking for. You have to make sure that you do not overlook the small details and important details of what kind of chicken coop you’ll truly need because in the end it could hurt you big time!

There are almost too many variations and types to list on their own, but there are some main types that you should know about when trying to build your chicken coop!

Chicken Tractors
These are very necessary for those who feel that they’re probably going to have to move their hen house constantly or on a regular basis. These are usually built tall and have sturdy wheels underneath so that they can be moved with ease! They vary in shape, some are squarer built, others have more of a pyramid shape. Choosing the best design for where you live and your specific situation will definitely help you in the end!

Small Coops
The name says it all, these are for those people who want to provide a small and safe place for their chickens to lay eggs, and you definitely want to consider a small coop. This can be a place for happy healthy chickens, especially the free roam chickens that like to walk around – this can be the perfect type of design if you do not plan on having that many chickens around.

Medium & Large Chicken Coops
These are obviously a little bit bigger than small coops, large hen houses are usually as big as a regular bedroom, and you can walk in and see all the chickens. Whichever one you choose can definitely be a great choice. If you plan on expanding and getting more chickens then you definitely want to invest in a large chicken coop!

Building a Chicken Coop is very fun & very easy. You can “do it yourself” and easily build an attractive, affordable chicken coop that will keep chickens happy, delivering high quality eggs, and most importantly preventing them from begin attacked by predators.