Chicken coop design plans are widely available, but how good are they? You need to evaluate them to make sure they are right for you. Let’s look at some key steps that will lead you to success in building your chicken coop!

Make It Big Enough For Your Needs

This sounds simple, but sometimes people go overboard on a project without thinking through what they really need. If you plan to raise 20-30 chickens, you will need a larger chicken coop than if you were only raising 4-6 chickens. Let your flock size be a key driver as you evaluate different designs.

Make It Chicken Friendly!

Your chickens will be better egg producers if their chicken coop design gives them the freedom to move around, a secure nesting box and perch, and easy access to food and water. The design should be sturdy enough to provide shelter from severe weather, as well as keep out predators.

Understand neighborhood restrictions

If you live in a subdivision or city, there may be ordinances or deed restrictions that limit the types of animals that you can keep on your property. Do your due diligence here, or you may be turned in to the animal control department and forced to give up your chickens. It’s better not to start raising chickens if the rules don’t allow it.

Select durable materials

Your chicken coop design will likely be in an open outdoor area. Select wood for the structure that has been treated to be water resistant. Rafters should be at least 2×4 lumber, while using 4×4 posts will provide a strong foundation. Shingles or metal roofing should be secured against a ½ inch plywood deck.

Use these key steps to guide you in evaluating your chicken coop design plans.

You will be glad you did, and the result will be a quality coop that you can use for years to come!

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