There are some important things you should consider before you go looking for a chicken coop design. These considerations will help to ensure that you build a coop that meets all of your needs. While you can often move a  coop at a later date, it’s best to just put in the needed thought beforehand so that you can get some satisfaction from your placement decisions.

These are the most important factors you should consider when making plans for a chicken coop design.

Breed of Chicken

Different types of plans are required based on the type of chicken breed, so consider this first. It makes no sense to plan a coop design that won’t suit your intended breed of chicken so figure this out and you’ll surely be on the right track.

The Size of the Chicken Coop

There is a wide variety of designs available depending on the size you choose for the chicken house, so keep this in mind. You will want to consider the complete size of your yard, your geographical location, as well as your budget during the construction process of the chicken coop.

Chickens won’t produce eggs effectively if they are uncomfortable, so it is very important that you get the size right. They are sort of picky about their surroundings, so you really should take the time to thoroughly think about this aspect of the coop.

You should opt for a large size coop if you are going to house ten or more chickens in the coop, as this would give them ample space to roam comfortably.

It’s better to make an error in having a coop that is too large rather than too small, so it’s okay to overestimate. Having too much space will actually be beneficial should you decide you want to breed more chickens down the road.

Positioning of the Chicken Coop

You need to consider the location of a coop within your yard when coming up with its design. You will be making lots of trips to the coop over the months ahead so you want to be sure that you have easy access to it. The coop should be in an area that allows for lots of sunlight as this is important to keep the coop dry and helps to promote optimal laying.

While building a chicken house, you will need several chicken coop plans in hand. Out of which you can select one that is appropriate to your backyard and suits your needs. A chicken coop plan should be complete in nature. So it will not waste your time and money. On internet, there are several free chicken coop plans available, but finding a complete one is a quite nasty task.

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