Do you think that it’s probably impossible for someone who isn’t even close to being a carpenter or cabinet maker to build a good home for your pet chickens?

It’s time to let that way of thinking go because you would be easily proven wrong. Many people have found this thought to be false with help of some chicken coop building plans which had helped them build a nice looking coop for their chickens from scratch. These plans are easily available in the form of manuals which can be purchased on-line and, perhaps, in some local pet shops.

Don’t let the purchase of the plan itself daunt you though. The cost of using chicken coop building plans plus the cost of the materials you will use is still definitely cheaper than purchasing a commercially available chicken coop.

Also, you can further cut down on your costs since the price of the materials that you will be getting are all up to your discretion. The first step that you will need to take, guided by the chicken coop building plans, is that you will need to gather the materials necessary. You will need to check your home improvement center or woodworking shop and get all the materials listed in the checklist. It is recommended that you visit at least two stores and compare the prices to see where you can get a better bargain for your materials. See? Didn’t I tell you that you can easily save much more this way?

After gathering all the materials you need, you will now be tasked to cut the wood into shapes specified in the chicken coop building plans. If you’ve followed the building plan properly you should be able to easily know just how many pieces of the coop you can get out of the dimensional lumber.

This step might be a little bit tricky though as you will need to use a few electric tools such as a jigsaw, an electric drill, and a miter-saw.

Now that you’ve cut the pieces as outlined in your chicken coop building plans, you can now start to piece them together to make the coop. If you’ve pieced together a model kit before then most building plans should be easily understood. This step might be a bit tricky, but you’re sure to finish the chicken coop in no time at all!

With your coop built and done with the help of the chicken coop building plans, you can now relax and allow your chickens to make full use of the home that you’ve just built for them from scratch. You might perhaps attract a bit of attention, due to the fact that you’re raising chickens as pets and get asked by many people. They will, of course, never fail to notice your handy work and would want to ask where they might get a chicken coop as good as yours.

Go ahead; tell them that you built it on your own. You’ve earned that right.

Chad B. is an advocate for backyard chicken care and has been involved in raising chickens since he was little boy back in 1986. Find out more about Chicken Coop Building Plans and chicken care in general by visiting his blog at

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