When first starting out and taking care of chickens, there are a number of options on what kind of chicken coop that you want. You have the option of buying a coop, or just simply building it yourself depending on what your needs actually are. If you live in a residential area and are only casually taking care of the chickens, then you might want to consider buying a prefabricated chicken coop that is either readily assembled, or one that you still need to assemble yourself. These are more aesthetically pleasing and do not necessitate a big hassle when setting them up. Buying an entirely new coop isn’t exactly a very good idea if you only plan on taking care of a few chickens. You can look for building plans for a chicken coop online and then just download one of them and proceed to build it yourself.

The first thing that you need to address whether you are building the coop or just simply buying it is to determine the space requirements that are associated with the coop itself. This mostly consists of the space that you will be placing the coop on, as well as the space inside the coop itself that allows you to determine how many chickens can be kept in the chicken coop diy. After you have determined the space that you will be using, you will need to determine everything that will be going in it. There are options for flooring that are possible such as wooden boxes placed inside the coop that are then lined with newspaper. Lining the coop is a very basic task. Wood can be used for flooring, however over time it can very easily get dirty needing frequent cleaning however concrete can be used, especially with the deep litter method.

Install any of the necessary additions such as chicken wire across the ventilation holes, as well as the nest boxes that would be going into the chicken coop itself. Cut holes for the ventilation system if you have to as the chickens will definitely need these air holes to breathe out of. If you have multiple birds in one cage, try to run a nest box as a cooperative nesting area. Hobbyists can easily assemble their own building plans for a chicken coop and need only to look for the more aesthetic solutions. Those who are more serious about raising chickens need only build using plans themselves.

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