Should you build your own chicken coop or buy a premade unit? Building a chicken coop can be a complex task, but many people believe a DIY approach offers more advantages to buying a premade unit in a store. One of the most obvious benefits that comes from a DIY plan is that you can customize the size and design of the coop. Preassembled units come ready to open.
One of the most popular examples of a premade chicken coop is the Eglu from Omlet Ltd. This type of coup is a backyard type of design and has won numerous awards for its efficiency. However, the Eglu is basically a tent with a plastic section on it. It is not very good at protecting chickens from the elements or from predators. Though the Eglu has been designed primarily for short-term chicken cooping, it illustrates some of the flaws in all manufactured designs.

DIY chicken coops are built to complement your landwhether that is an entire garden and farm or just a small backyard. Since you are the one building the coop, you get to choose your own materials, strengthen the foundation and add all the extras. Since you determine the exact location, you can also ensure that the chicken coop is properly situated and slanted so that water can flow freely. Pre-made units are usually made with inferior materials.

When you build something yourself you are sure of the craftsmanship. You know precisely how strong the lumber is and how to reinforce it. You know how to repair any pieces because you know every level of the construction. With pre-made units, you are in the dark about many details.

You can also provide proper ventilation for chickens, improving their air quality, and thus improving the quality of produced eggs. Creating your own coop gives you greater control over the temperature of the coop, which is very important during summer and winter seasons. Some premade coops are poorly proportioned in terms of size. When you create your own coop you can get the exact size you need in order to provide the recommended 1-4 square foot per bird standard.

Heres another interesting idea. Many homeowners prefer to build their own chicken coops so they can match the coop to the style and color of their own house. No question, if you buy a premade unit, it usually looks very out of place. There are also financial benefits that come from building your own chicken coop. Some crafty shoppers can built their own backyard coop for less than $ 100. Pre-built units on the other hand can range anywhere from $ 500 to $ 1,000. The price of labor (designing and installing the models for testing) increases the prices of these coop models. However, you still have to install and set up these units, even though youre not building it from scratch. Therefore, youre paying big money for a standardized coop with few customizable features (plus shipping) and having to install it yourself anyway.

Last but not least, you get to experience the fruits of your labor. You can sit back and relax knowing you created your entire chicken coop from the ground up. Why not consider an organic chicken coop? Its safer and more enjoyable than buying your poultry products in the store.

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