What on earth had happened? Was all I could ask myself. we had built a chicken coop to teach our kids about sustainable living and responsibility ( not to mention the free eggs!) and we wake up to find some missing.

We live in a highly developed urban area and built a coop in our small backyard so we assumed that nothing could disturb our chickens. However, we were wrong. We had enjoyed our chicken coop so much and I was bound and determined to not let this happen again. This is what I discovered works best to protect your chickens whether you live in an urban city or on a country road.

First, it is important to build a chicken coop that you can lock or securely close the door. This will ensure nothing can get into the coop at night. The chicken will be fine, the naturally roost in their nest boxes during the evening. Creating a secure door that can be locked or simply shut will keep unwanted guest out.

Next, it is important to have a secure flooring system in place. If you have simply set your chicken coop on the ground on top of the dirt in your yard or garden, it is possible for a small burrowing animal to enter through the floor and next thing you know, your chicken end up missing. Something as simple as putting chicken wire on the dirt will keep other animals out.

Finally it is important to secure the windows and other openings with wire or mesh. This will allow light in, but will also keep predators out. Animals like raccoons will not be able to reach their little paws in and sample some of your eggs or some chicken dinner.

Hopefully this information about building your chicken coop will help you protect your chickens.

Howdy! I’m not a farmer but I sure do love my chicken coop. Not only does it provide a great family project, a source of entertainment and free organic eggs, my family and neighbors are learning about sustainable living and organic gardening practices. Learn more about chicken coops and what they can do for you.

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