How long do you think it take for building a chicken coop? One day? Two days? A week? A month? Well if you are short on time and have and increasing busy schedule, then you will be happy to find out that building a chicken coop can be done in as little as a day. The key is preparation and execution. When you begin building a chicken coop with everything in place and understand the techniques you need, you will be finished in no time at all. So, follow these tips to get you coop done quickly and easily.

Plan From the Inside Out

This may be counter intuitive, but the first thing you need to do when you are building a chicken coop is figure out what you want your coop to look like from the inside. An all to common problem is that people begin to build and right in the middle they realize that what they are building is smaller than they intended. The outside looks great, but the inside won’t fit all the chickens. So avoid this frustrating and costly mistake, remember to setup the inside of the coop first. Add the feeders, the watering, nesting boxes, roosts, etc. so you know exactly how big to build the outside of the coop. Another route you could take is to draw out your blueprints beginning with the inside. This inside-out approach will make sure that there is no guess work when you are constructing the coop.

Let the Sun Shine In

Just like you and me, chicken need light to be healthy. Many first time chicken farmers over look the fact that chickens are living breathing animals (it’s weird, I know. But it happens). They think that they can keep their chickens in a cooped up (no pun intended) little box with no windows, and expect their chickens to be ok. This could not be farther from the truth. Chicken to no like to be confined to small, dark spaces, and will start to die off if permanently kept in such a condition. So the bottom line is you need to build at least two windows into you design. The windows should be placed high enough to let the sun shine in but not so much that it is constantly on the chickens. It’s all about achieving a balance.

Always Build Bigger Than You Think You Should

When it comes to building a chicken coop, size matters. Now before you start putting your mind in the gutter let me tell you what I mean. If when you are building, you don’t really know how many chickens you are going to keep, then you should plan on building bigger than you think you will need. It’s better to have more room for your chickens than less. The worst feeling to have is to is to finish the coop and realize you should have made it bigger. Of course you could always go back and rebuild the coop; but after all you hard work, time, and money spent building the first one, would you really want to?

Hank Dodson is the owner of The Chicken Coop Plans Site. Hank has been building chicken coops and caring for chicken for decades. Want to learn more about  a great chicken coop build? Visit his chicken coop build site for helpful tips and information on how to build you very own coop.

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