Why build your own coop? Well there are a number of reasons including a plentiful supply of fresh free range eggs, healthy fresh chicken for your table and chickens are great recyclers of food scraps.

Building a chicken coop is a real treasure of a product. It is a downloadable ebook which tells you all you need to know about building your own chicken coop.

In Building a chicken coop you will learn how best to position the coop, how to ventilate it properly, how to care for your chickens, what foods to avoid when feeding them and lots, lots more.

Bill Keene,the author,is an experienced poultry farmer and he explains, through simple to follow plans and diagrams, how to make a chicken coop from common materials, what foods to give your chickens, how to build different sizes of chicken coop, for example, midsize and premium coops.

In fact he even explains how to build a portable coop which can then be used to provide organic fertilizer for your lawn or garden. He also explains the cheapest materials which you can use and to really seal the deal he is giving 4 bonus books FREE. These cover such topics as the cheapest materials sources, the best materials for the ground, how to best position the coop for light and heat and most importantly how to protect your chickens from predators.

He also provides information on what breed of chicken to use for best results and insists that there are no fancy tools required.

In summary though I would not recommend this product if you want a plentiful supply of fresh food and don’t want to worry about the source and fears of chickens being pumped with antibiotics etc. In fact there are very sound reasons from an environmental,financial and health perspective to build your own chicken coop and if that is an idea that you have been considering then look further than this product.

In conclusion I would not recommend this product but I would recommend a good set of woodworking projects plans which will allow you to build not just a chicken coop but many other nice woodworking products.

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