Chicken coop business is flourishing nowadays and it is a very productive and profitable business with the investment of minimum amount of money. Still it requires adequate space, continual look after of chickens, maternal care of the chickens. It requires cleanliness, hygiene, maintenance of the hatching and the factors that are necessary for the feeding to increase productivity of the chickens. This business is hard to run, but easy to materialize in a minimum amount of time. That is why in spite of the farmers, other small business persons are also inclined to do this fruitful business.

Keeping the chickens needs great care and constant watch on them. Since the chickens are hardy and sturdy domestic animals, they need a free environment to move with ease and proper health. They should not be kept confined to the cage for all time. Let them set free for some time of the day. However at the same time it should be also considered that the chickens are vulnerable animals and easily susceptible to attack. Therefore, they have to be kept in protection from extreme weather conditions and predators. This requires a separate house for the chickens to live in.

The house of the chickens should be in proper size, at proper place, and in proper direction to catch sufficient light and ventilation. The small size of the coop makes the chickens overcrowded and it may cause suffocation to those domestic animals and may result in death or sickness of the chickens. Adequate, spacious size keeps good ventilation in the coop and the chickens will be happy to live in their world. Moreover, to live properly these animals need enough light. If they are not able to get enough light, they may die. The coop should be kept clean from time to time. This will keep them in proper hygiene and no disease will plague them.

Building chicken coop is not a child play. It requires great attention and some implementing tips. Chicken coop is an abode of the chickens where they lay their eggs. The built up of the coop requires certain material and size that affects the hygiene, cleanliness, productivity of the chicken.