When it comes time to build chicken coop, plans are a good idea. Many people try to put together their first coop without a plan. They often end up frustrated and wondering where all their money went. Millions of people keep chickens. They have the knowledge on how to build efficient chicken coops that make the chickens happy while keeping the owners happy as well. When you use a plan for a coop, you are taking advantage of their knowledge. This is something that all beginners need to think about when first starting out as a chicken farmer.

When you are ready to build chicken coop, plans provide you with a list of materials. Each chicken coop plan needs a unique blend of materials. A good plan will give you the list of materials along with their needed dimensions. You will likely need wood. The plans might suggest certain woods. You want wood is not pressure treated. The birds will not do well with the chemicals in pressure treated lumber. You will need mesh or chicken wire to enclose the exterior space. The plan will likely suggest the gauge and size of mesh to use. Pay attention to the list of materials before you start construction.

If you are new to build chicken coop, plans give you the information on how to put everything together. You will likely need some basic tools like a hammer, screwdrivers, stapler, and measuring tape. To cut the wood, you might want a saw of some sort. The plan may provide a list of suggested tools. The first step will likely involve building the base of the coop. The plan will give you the dimensions and suggested building order. You will need to apply common sense and construction knowledge to make it happen.

When you build chicken coop, plans give you options. Most plans provide optional things you can add to your final construction. It might include extra nesting boxes or places to roost. It might include the ability to expand in the future. When you look at the plans, decide if you want to add the options now or keep them available for the future. It might mean changing your material plans or taking more time to build. The time to make that decision is before you start construction. Taking the time to get the right coop will keep you and your flock happy for many years to come.

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