For newcomers to the world of chicken breeding, the prefab chicken coop is quickly becoming one of the most popular choices. A prefab coop provides a complete solution that is easy to assemble and is often extremely cost-effective. The best way to save money of course, is to do it yourself. However, if you are not very handy or need a simple and fast solution, a prefab coop is probably a great choice for you.

The prospective breeder must know what size of coop they are looking for, which is dependent on the number of birds to be bred and what they will be used for. A prefab chicken house can be something as simple as a nylon and plastic assembly for two or three chickens, all the way up to a huge double-decker coop used in more commercial applications.

Pricing will also vary, but generally speaking, a prefab coop will tend to be more expensive than if you built one yourself. On the other hand, a quality coop will be well-engineered and can be assembled easily, so you are really paying for the convenience. A small prefab coop for two or three chickens will usually run about $ 300 US dollars, and the price goes up from there, with a large coops for dozens of chickens costing thousands of dollars.

The most important thing about a prefab chicken den is to ensure that you are getting your money’s worth from the purchase. This means that the coop should be of ample size to accommodate all of your birds. It should be of high-quality construction, and it should be easy to assemble. It should be built well enough to protect the chickens from predators like foxes and dogs. And any good prefab chicken coop will come with a money-back guarantee and a generous warranty.

Whether you are looking for a permanent or portable coop, there are options available. Coops 4 You provides a very cost-effective line of portable prefab coop designs that are also somewhat less expensive than other permanent coops. Remember that portable coops, though cheaper, tend not to be as sturdy as permanent coops.

An example of a popular prefab chicken house is the Eglu (a play on Eggs and Igloo). This $ 400 US dollar enclosure comes with the Eglu itself (a plastic roost area), 10 egg boxes, an enclosed fox proof run and run shade, a chicken guide, and a 30 day money-back guarantee. The unit can house up to four chickens. Other prefab chicken coop solutions are similarly priced, and offer a way for the enthusiast to get into the chicken-breeding market with a minimum of fuss, provided the buyer knows exactly what they need for their purposes.

Any kind of Prefab Chicken Coop should be a safe and comfortable building for your chickens, which should promote a healthy environment for them and ensure years of productive egg production from brood after brood.