For those who wish to enter the world of chicken breeding, building cheap chicken coops is often a necessary step to getting started. It is very important to understand that cheap chicken coops do not have to mean low quality. By understanding what type of coop you need, you can select the proper materials and designs that will get you quality cheap coops at a greatly reduced price. In fact, it can actually be up to 50% cheaper to build your own coop than to purchase one.

When trying to build a coop, ask yourself if you are intending to breed chickens for your own use only, or if are you intending to sell chickens and eggs to others. Regardless of what you intend, your cheap coops are a possibility if you take the time to plan. You may choose a small coop, which is well-sized for novices or small breeders who intend to raise only a few chickens, or those with limited space. Medium coops are for those that intend to conduct business and need to raise more chickens; these coops will definitely require more space. If you are operating a larger, serious business, you may opt for large and double-decker coops. These require the largest space and the greatest investment, but that doesn’t mean that large coops can’t be cheap coops as well – it’s all relative!

Cheap chicken coops require good sourcing of materials. Standard materials will include timber for the frame of the coop itself. Chicken housing can be built by ensuring you are using the least expensive wood that will do the job. You can choose from pine, hardwood, or even unfinished logs. Keep in mind that the higher quality woods will be more expensive, however if you look hard enough, you can use many types of wood and still maintain a low price on cheap chicken coops.

Mesh wire, most commonly called chicken wire, is another large part of the coop structure. This is an extremely inexpensive building material, and is perfect for building chicken coops cheaply. A fifty-foot roll is usually about $ 15.00 US, and is more than ample for most small projects. It is important to choose a good quality wire, however, since even the cheapest chicken coops need to keep predators out.

Other materials needed are nails, screws to secure the wire, hinges for doors, and all of the required tools to use them. These tools include hammers, saws, drills, screwdrivers, rulers, and levels. If you do not have the tools handy, you can usually rent them from most large hardware retailers at a good price. Cheap chicken coops are built similarly to other types of woodworking and assembly projects.

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