Bed bugs are one of the world’s most terrifying creatures. They live in the crevices of your home. They can lay eggs in any small opening they find. They bite your limbs and suck your blood while you sleep. Despite their minuscule size, bed bugs are one of the most fearful creatures around.


However, entomologists Coby Schal and Ed Vargo at North Carolina State University recently revealed an even more repulsive discovery about bed bugs; inbreeding.


“We kept discovering the same thing. Within a given apartment, or even a given building, there was extremely low genetic diversity,” said Schal. “In most cases there’s just a single female that founded the population.”


Inbreeding has negative effects on humans and animals alike. Mixing similar genetic makeups often results in birth defects and other deformities. Most creatures fail to even survive the delivery process, but somehow bed bugs are able to resist the negative effects of inbreeding, and manage to produce healthy offspring.


Although this information is still in its preliminary stages, we can at present conclude two things. First, finding and getting rid of bed bugs is difficult enough as it is. But now we know that if the extermination process does not kill the entire bed bug population in an area, all it will take is one single female bed bug to re-establish an entire colony.


Second, while insecticides and other various forms of chemical sprays are the most popular ways to kill bed bugs, the survivors of these treatments eventually develop a resistance to them, and pass it on to the next generation.

With all this inbreeding, the bed bug population in your home is sure to become resistant to sprays very quickly.


With all this information considered, bed bugs prove to be extremely resilient critters. As future research and information becomes available, there’s no saying how difficult getting rid of bed bugs may be. 


However, all hope is not lost. Bed bugs are not invincible. The first step towards stopping bed bugs is by avoiding them in the first place.


Jeff Eisenberg, the President and Founder of Pest Away Exterminating, Inc., who has had over 20 years of experience in the pest control industry, believes that education and preventative measures are the keys to managing the bed bug issue. Jeff Eisenberg has also written The Bed Bug Survival Guide, an informative book revealing tips and tricks on how to tackle these annoying pests.


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