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Tips to Consider Before You Build Your Own Chicken Coop

As you prepare to construct your very own chicken coop, there are a few factors you may want to consider to ensure that you make the safest, most secure place for your chickens so that they are able to lay eggs comfortably. It is a shame that many people overlook these construction tips, which usually results in reworking certain portions of the coop as changes have to be made. Given here some tips you should consider.

Watering Location

Your chickens must always have access to fresh water. The waterer must be large so that it lasts all day, and it… Continue reading

Portable Chicken Coop: Move Your Own Chickens From One Location To Another One Without Having The Inconvenience

Occasionally, you coulddiscoverthat youneed to haveto movemany ofyour own chickens in adifferentplace. You will findnumerousreasonsexactly whyyou wouldwant to do this nevertheless theessentialthing to think aboutis thatchickensmay bechallengingto safely move, especiallyin the event thattheir wings aren’t clipped. The particularthingthat maytake care ofyour owndifficultiesis really a portable chicken coop sincethey also make transporting chickens a great dealless complicated.

Good reasons for MovingChickens

A great deal of chicken farmers may possiblynot evenrealize that they will have a needto transfertheir own chickens. Alsoin the event yourequireto movesome chickens coming from1coop to another, a portable coop actuallyis useful.

Additionalreasons for relocating the chicken containgetting it… Continue reading

Raising Turkeys – Is Keeping Turkeys With Chickens A Good Idea?

You might have started raising turkeys and you are thinking of keeping turkeys with chickens, would that be a good move?

Most professional turkey growers are not open to that idea. Turkeys are highly susceptible to the Blackhead organisms. 100% mortality results if they contract the disease and they have not been protected with proper medication. A lot of chicken carry Blackhead organisms but these organisms have no apparent effect on them. One of the cardinal rules of turkey growers is avoid the practice of keeping turkeys with chickens.

What is Blackhead disease? And why is keeping turkeys with chickens… Continue reading

Raising Chickens For Eggs – Is It Worth It And What Does It Take?

Raising chicken for eggs can be done for commercial and household purposes. The price increase of household stuff and food products has caused many people to cut down on household expenses. As far as food products are concerned, there are those who have taken up livestock breeding to augment their need for food supplies. Raising chicken for eggs is an example of such. Because it can be done at home, raising chickens is easy and one can gain lots of profit out of it.

So what does it take to raise chicken for eggs? The following are the things to… Continue reading

Info on Starting to Raise Chickens – Raising Chicks in Your Backyard! : laying chickens

So, you need info on starting to raise chickens. And you have the roost all set up and ready for the new inhabitants to move on in. You want to be totally sure that everything is ready when they arrive otherwise there could be utter chaos as you try and get them organized and situated.

Once the baby chickens arrive you will want to examine them extremely well. If they arrive diseased or in poor health let the postal worker see that. Part of their job is to verify that your shipment has arrived alive and in good condition so,… Continue reading

Raising Chickens ? They Provide Those Delicious Eggs And Make Great Pets Too

All over the country you can hear the gentle clucking of millions of chickens as they scratch around in the backyard. What is going on? It seems that raising chickens has become an extremely popular pastime in many households, where these feathered ladies strut their stuff, to the amusement of the family who have probably just enjoyed a delicious breakfast of fresh, healthy, wholesome eggs.

It is fact that raising chickens is no longer the preserve of the country dwellers, in fact, “urban warriors” have taken to keeping chickens in their thousands. Maybe it is the promise of all those… Continue reading

Building a Chicken Coop Yourself – Is it Easy? : laying chickens

Of course, it building a chicken coop is a simple task and can even be done in a few hours, particularly if you follow the instructions given in a DIY manual for chicken coops closely.

There are numerous advantages of making your own coop instead of buying one that is pre-made. DIY coops cost almost half the amount that pre-built ones cost. Furthermore, you can choose the features you want your coop to have and consequently create more comfortable surroundings for your chickens to lay eggs. One more benefit is that your chickens will be even more protected as you… Continue reading

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Common Terms
Started pullet:
A juvenile hen that has started laying eggs.
Part of the chicken’s legs which can be seen at the bottom.
Chicken jokes
Q: How do you stop a rooster from crowing on Sunday?
A: Eat him on Saturday!