Learn How To Raise Your Own Chickens

Chicken Farm

Wire fencing for your Farms

Agriculture is the foundation of every economy. Farming is the main source of food around the globe. Farmers invest a lot of their money, time and hard work to produce crops and maintain livestock. As a considerable amount of money is invested in farming so it becomes necessary for a farmer to protect his/ her farms. It becomes difficult to keep in the livestock and the predators out without a proper fencing. 

Farm fencing is used to keep animals in/ out as desired in a particular area. It also prevents the crops getting damaged by unwanted animals. A fence… Continue reading

Advantage Vertical Farming

It has been estimated that about eighty percent of the total population of our plant will be centralized mainly in the urban segment around 2050. Considering the present scenario and the population growth percentage we can come to a conclusion that the conventional farming process will not be sufficient to feed this enormous populace across the world. As per the present statistics and based on FAO source it can be said that excepting the inefficient management in some countries the remaining land for cultivation stands to approximately 60% of the total land. Unfortunately this will be inadequate to meet the… Continue reading

The New Vancouver Island Wind Farm

Many regions across Canada and the United States are looking into wind power as a viable source of energy, and now Vancouver Island is jumping aboard the bandwagon as well. A brand new, $ 280 million Vancouver Island wind farm was recently given the go-ahead by the British Columbia government, and will provide significant amounts of energy to the province’s power grid.


The Vancouver Island wind farm will be located on the island’s northern tip, and will include 47 wind turbine generators on 10,000 hectares of land. The turbines will be able to create up to 100 megawatts of… Continue reading

Spring Cleaning Around the Farm

There is that time on the farm every year between winter when it’s too cold to work outside and spring when planting season comes around and takes up all of your daylight time.  But usually in between, there’s unseasonably warm weather…sometimes it sticks around for days, sometimes weeks and then comes another frost.  In the meantime, being outside is a must because the past says that it will definitely get cold again before the spring warmth officially sets in for good.  It is during this time that it is a great opportunity to start some spring cleaning… Continue reading

Animal Farm in your house!

Do you love animals but cannot take care of them in as you are never at home? Then this may be the right solution for you to have your own animal farm without having to take care of it 24X7.

The animal products have now gone beyond coats and furs and entered into home furnishings! Don’t worry. They have no animal parts involved in their making. There are many products available that are sure to remind you of your favourite furry creature.

Fauna pillow is one such item, made of organic cotton casing with polyester or synthetic cotton stuffing inside.… Continue reading

Insect Management And Farming

A soul entangled in occupation business knows how tough it is to protect crops from grouping of environmental hazards. A ignore mistake can justification losses in thousands, especially for change crops that acquire a volatilisable mart worth. Two study hazards feared by most farmers are bad weather and gadfly perturbation. These are the two areas that feature a quite uncertain nature and once the condition spirals out of aggregation, it is nasty to standard the damages caused.

While bad endure is something that a creator cannot preclude or manipulate, gadfly keep is a quite executable occasion though not an uncomplicated… Continue reading

Greenlands Farm ? Fun For All

This is a great place to stop off on your way up to the Lake District if you have a young family.  We’ve just come back from a brilliant day at Greenlands Farm.  Situated about 5 minutes from Junction 35 on the M6 motorway, just before you reach the Kendal and Windermere turnoff at Junction 36.

The farm itself is small and it was easy to keep an eye on nine children (we were four adults though to be fair).  There were pigs, several varieties of sheep (with their lambs), horses, chickens, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, mice… Continue reading

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Common Terms
Bits of rock, sand or clay that chickens tend to consume to aid in digestion.
Another term to describe a house of chickens.
Chicken jokes
Q: Why did the chicken cross the road halfway?
A: She wanted to lay it on the line.