Learn How To Raise Your Own Chickens

Chicken Coop Plans

How to Build Your Own Chicken Coop Economically : plans for chicken coop

To get an idea of how much building a coop will cost, make a list of your need materials and canvass the prices of each. If you don’t, you may end up spending upwards of $ 300 for a chicken coop, and that can sound unrealistic considering the present economic conditions.

So, how can you lower construction costs?

Wood is the most commonly used material in building a chicken coop, but new lumber can be expensive, especially if you plan to build a coop to house more than 10 chickens. Obviously, you would want to find out if there are… Continue reading

Building a Predator Proof Chicken Coop

What on earth had happened? Was all I could ask myself. we had built a chicken coop to teach our kids about sustainable living and responsibility ( not to mention the free eggs!) and we wake up to find some missing.

We live in a highly developed urban area and built a coop in our small backyard so we assumed that nothing could disturb our chickens. However, we were wrong. We had enjoyed our chicken coop so much and I was bound and determined to not let this happen again. This is what I discovered works best to protect your… Continue reading

Build Chicken Coop Easily With These Tips

If you believe that it will take several weeks to build a chicken coop you are probably wrong. If this is the case then you should rethink this a little bit more. Following the right plans you can build chicken coop easily with these tips in just a few days or a couple weekends and experience great results while following these tips.

Three things to that you should consider to be able to build a chicken coop successfully.

1. Design The Complete Inside Prior to Construction:

To start with as you begin to build chicken coop is certainly spend some… Continue reading

Building a Chicken Coop ? Construction Terms

Are you planning on building a chicken coop but get confused on some of the terminology? I want to share these basic terms you might want to know and what they mean to you when you’re building a chicken coop.


A truss on any structure is at the top of the roof a frame. The truss when building a chicken coop will also be located at the top of your roof. The truss can be pre-fabricated or built in place the trusses add stability and shape to your roof.


A stud is a single piece of lumber that… Continue reading

Build a Chicken Coop – What You Need to Know

There are several different things you need to take into consideration when building a chicken coop. For starters, we want the chickens who will be living in it to be healthy. It’s also important that it look nice and be easy to clean.

I’m going to go over the different aspects that you need to think about when building a chicken coop. First, we’re going to go over the appearance of your chicken coop.

Although it’s really secondary to the health of my chickens, it’s important to me that my chicken coop looks nice. Who wants to have an eyesore… Continue reading

When To Create Your Own Chicken Coop Design

Raising chickens does not only provide fun; it also provides income if you would put extra effort into it. Chickens are like people that also need a place to stay in. When you create your own Chicken Coop Plan, it is important that you base it on what you need. Hence, you can either have a small or a big coop, depending on the number of chickens that youre planning to raise.

There are a couple of designs that you can choose from in making your own chicken coop. But before you select which one to imitate, there are some… Continue reading

Selecting the Best Chicken Coop Strategy : chicken coop plans

There are numerous options available whenever building a chicken coop plans, such as purchasing a prefabricated framework, or even purchasing a hen house plan in order to create the coop your self. A coop strategy can be purchased from numerous sources online and within the retail sector, which is an option that more people these days are choosing in order to save cash as they start their own chicken breeding.You must understand what you require before you choose the right coop arrange for your project. If you are reproduction chickens for your family use only, if you will a person… Continue reading

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Common Terms
Two meaning – 1. Hens incubating their chicks. 2. A flock of baby chickens.
Veterinary term used to describe ridding animals of parasites.
Chicken jokes
Q: How do chickens dance?
A: Chick to chick.